2020 PokerNews Holiday Gift #4: SimplePoker.com GTO Poker Solvers and Tools

SimplePoker PokerNews 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

SimplePoker is one of the leading developers of GTO poker solvers, trainers and tools in the world.

With eight GTO poker apps released and many others in the development, SimplePoker is there for poker players when they need the highest quality software tools to improve their game and learn GTO strategy.

SimplePoker has been developed by a team of mathematicians, analysts and programmers in collaboration with some of the most respected players and coaches in the poker world.

The most common situation in Texas Hold’em, in which the largest sums of money are played out, is playing postflop between two players. Simple Postflop allows players to calculate equilibrium strategies in poker. This solver has become an indispensable tool for working on the game for many professionals. The app allows players to finally answer the question: how to play correctly with any hand for a given situation from a mathematical point of view.

Simple Postflop is designed in such a way that the user has the ability to work with complex mathematical data through a simple and uncluttered interface. For players wanting to achieve the highest success in poker, to become a professional in this game, then learning a basic balanced strategy will be a must and Simple Postflop is there to help along the way.

Simple Postflop

Situations with three players postflop are not uncommon, and it is extremely difficult for people to know the optimal strategy after the flop when there are three players. Simple 3-Way can help with this.

Simple 3-Way can be considered an advanced solver for calculating GTO strategies post-flop with three players. It is the first and only commercially available solver that allows players to perform these calculations. In addition to the most accurate possible balanced strategy calculations, Simple 3-Way also allows the use advanced technologies to simplify the calculation process, which makes the solver incredibly fast while still maintaining high quality of GTO simulations.

Simple 3-Way is the right tool to learn poker at the deepest possible level.

Simple 3-Way

Adequate preflop strategy is a very important aspect in poker, as depending on preflop decisions, the situation will drastically change postflop. For a long time, calculation of optimal preflop strategies in poker seemed to be impossible due to the fact that this is the first phase of the game and, from the point of view of calculations, it is the most complicated. Simple Preflop Holdem allows players to calculate Nash equilibrium on the preflop, taking into account all kinds of preflop actions, for any number of players at the table and for any stacks.

This Preflop GTO Solver generates optimal strategies with high accuracy and minimal hardware requirements by using cutting-edge algorithms, which makes this product unique in the commercial preflop solvers market.

In this solver, players can solve any poker discipline:

  • SNG formats in the ChipEV model
  • Cash games taking into account rake
  • Tournament play in the ICM model

There is no better tool to master preflop strategy perfectly than Simple Preflop Holdem.

If two cards are not enough and a player wants to build postflop expertise to perfection in PLO, then we suggest working in GTO Solver – Simple Omaha. This calculator allows players to solve postflop balanced strategies in PLO without abstractions. At the moment, the solver is very demanding on the presence of powerful hardware in order to perform GTO simulations, but the SimplePoker team is actively working on the development and refinement of this tool so that it becomes more and more accessible to ordinary users, and not just High Stakes players.

Simple Omaha

If work with solvers seems too difficult and exhausting for a player whose passion in poker is the game itself, then we recommend Simple GTO Trainer.

This software tool is designed to teach the optimal strategy in a game format, whilst also closely resembling real game conditions. In addition to the fact that users will play poker against GTO AI and you will not have to pay money for losing, they will also receive real-time information about the mistakes they made, understand how much EV in they will lose when choosing incorrect actions and following the results of training to see the big picture of their training and progress.

The training packs have already been compiled by professional poker players and coaches, and players just have to choose the pack that suits them and start training.

For those for whom the presented training packs are not enough, the Simple GTO Trainer PRO license has the ability to integrate with GTO solvers and create custom trainings based on a player’s own GTO calculations.

Simple GTO Trainer

For players often on the road and not always able to be in front of a PC GTO Sensei is a mobile poker coach ready to teach the optimal game anywhere on the planet at any time of the day right from a phone. Once downloaded, GTO Sensei helps players start learning poker like the pros do based on pre-compiled training sets. There are several free trainings in the app which is already available on iOS and Android.

GTO Sensei

GTOBase is arguably the most revolutionary web application for learning optimal poker strategies and available on any OS. The main functionality of the GTOBase application is to analyze the hand histories the user has played, to identify all mistakes made in the game comparing to equilibrium poker strategies.

HH analysis is performed at fast speed on servers with high performance, using advanced algorithms for calculating GTO strategies, does not require a PC’s computing resources and does not require solver licenses. In addition to analyzing hand history, the application also allows players to analyze aggregated game statistics and compare it with those of a balanced strategy.

In addition, the application contains a large database of accurately calculated GTO strategies, both preflop and postflop. At the moment, the application fully supports the Spin&Go game format, other formats will also be gradually added to the application. In the future, GTOBase may become the main tool for any professional player to work on the game. Start working with GTOBase now.

Simple Poker GTOBase

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