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The Monster Series is rapidly approaching its thrilling climax with only a couple of events remaining on the schedule. Day 1A of the Main Event and Mini Main Event are now in the bag and the second, final flights shuffle up and deal on November 15 at 19:05 GMT.

Monster Series Main Event Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Aidant11 28,885,023
2 Kharkostekiriii 22,591,379
3 MoneyByMonday 20,244,620
4 NL_SoldierBITCH 20,151,679
5 CogitoErgoSumUK 19,922,866
6 LeoKo201888 18,900,163
7 Noodles722003 18,708,132
8 Maty2316 17,924,580
9 witamzegnam 17,547,896
10 stampede118 17,121,944

“Aidant11” is the player to catch in the $300,000 guaranteed Monster Series Main Event. Day 1A attracted 2,698 players and only 479 of those starters made it through to Day 2 on November 16.

The chip leader finished with a tournament leading stack of 28,885,023 chips and has done their chances of glory no harm at all. Only three other Day 1A players bagged up more than 20 million chips.

“Kharkostekiriii” finished in second place with 22,591,379 chips while “MoneyByMonday” currently occupies third place with 20,244,620 chips. Fourth place belongs to “NL_SoldierBITCH” courtesy of their 20,151,679 stack.

All that can change today when Day 1B takes place. Buy in direct for $55, use some tournament dollars, or get grinding the Monster Series satellites.

Monster Series Mini Main Event Day 1A Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Rafael Pacheco 26,249,725
2 Scouby15 24,632,420
3 edoustaves13 22,931,483
4 Tfete23 17,651,880
5 Shostak12 17,398,407
6 Castthenet 17,197,878
7 Apizai 16,494,817
8 poxujists777 16,488,793
9 Tunisianking 16,446,978
10 markopri 16,295,146

Day 1A of the Mini Main Event drew in 2,643 entrants and 431 players managed to make it through to Day 2 at the first attempt.

Nobody bagged up more chips than “Rafael Pacheco” who finished at the top of the chip counts with 26,249,725 chips. They lead “Scouby15” and “edoustaves13” who both bagged up more than 20 million chips each. The former has 24,632,420 with the latter returning to the fray with 22,931,483 betting tokens.

Day 1B takes place at 19:05 GMT and only costs $5.50 to enter. At least $30,000 will be paid out to those finishing in the money, will you be one of those on the money finishers?

Monster #27 – Hyper Knockout: $30K Gtd Final Tablee Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 LiveLoveSmile $1,737.72 $2,085.73
2 IsmaelGabard $1,733.54 $294.91
3 weazelchen $1,305.30 $96.45
4 zendaya. $972.44 $120.15
5 NoDramaLhama $678.88 $160.54
6 mini_scott $459.14 $293.13
7 MangoEffect $307.27 $251.54

The $22 buy-in Hyper Knockout played out while the Main and Mini Main Events took place. “LiveLoveSmile” has plenty of reasons to do all three things in their alias because they came out on top of a 1,541-strong field to banked a combined prize worth $3,823.45.

LiveLoveSmile defeated “IsmaelGabard” heads-up, leaving the runner-up to pad their bankroll with $2,028.45 with bounties included.

Nobody at the final table walked away with less than $550 when you consider the bounty element of the prize pool. “MangoEffect”, “mini_scott”, “NoDramaLhama” and “zendaya.” were eventually joined on the rail by “weazelchen”, the third-place finisher who scooped $1,401.75.

Monster #27 – Mini Hyper Knockout: $3K Gtd Final Table Results

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 AngelinaJolly $192.25 $155.90
2 Zozotox $190.79 $36.42
3 BigNadal12 $143.65 $54.94
4 AceofTriangle $107.02 $40.40
5 Rapan $74.71 $20.31
6 billyhoyle $50.53 $52.60
7 the dean $33.81 $18.32

The $2.20 Mini Hyper Knockout only too 3:24:40 from start to finish despite a field of 1,696 players battling it out at the partypoker tables.

“AngelinaJolly” was the last player standing, a finish worth $192.25 from the main prize pool plus an additional $155.90 from the bounty prize pool. Turning $2.20 into $348.15 in less than 3.5 hours shows how great tournaments are at partypoker.

Shout out to the other six players who reached the final table. “the dean”, “bullyhoyle”, “Rapan”, “AceofTriangle”, “BigNadal12” and runner-up “Zozotox”.

Which Monster Series Events Take Place Today?

Day 1B of the Main Event and Mini Main Event kick off at 19:05 GMT and are not to be missed. There are also Deepstack and Mini Deepstack evens costing $33 and $3.30 with guaranteed prize pools of $50,000 and $5,000.

Time (GMT) Event Buy-in
16:30 Monster #28 – Deepstack: $50K Gtd $33
16:30 Monster #28 – Mini Deepstack: $5K Gtd $3.30
19:05 Monster #26 – Main Event Day 1B: $300K Gtd $55
19:05 Monster #26 – Mini Main Event Day 1B: $30K Gtd $5.50

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