Diego Ventura Leads Race to Become CPP Main Event Champion

Diego Ventura

Diego Ventura finished Day 1B of the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party (CPP) Main Eventas the chip leader and he built on that early success on Day 2. Ventura now leads the final 29 players in the penultimate day of the $5,300 buy-in event.

CPP Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Diego Ventura Peru 91,250,153
2 Aleksejs Ponakovs Estonia 89,028,946
3 Upeshka De Silva Mexico 81,798,076
4 Grayson Ramage Canada 79,339,562
5 Georgios Manousos-Sotiropoulos Cyprus 74,295,686
6 Philippe D’Auteuil Canada 66,658,480
7 Anatoly Filatov Russia 48,889,940
8 Dominykas Mikolaitis Lithuania 45,184,165
9 Mike Watson Canada 41,314,761
10 Isaac Haxton Canada 34,078,934

Day 2 began with 155 players and ended with only 29 in the hunt for what is an $879,894 top prize. Netherlands’ Daan Mulders’ tournament ended in 137th place, which burst the money bubble and paved the way for the surviving players to net at least $11,925.

Such luminaries as Ludovic Geilich, Ole Schemion, Timothy Adams, Jans Arends, Dominik Nitsche, and Kahle Burns all cashed. As did Joni Jouhkimainen, Anton Wigg, Rok Gostisa, and Pavel Plesuv, the latter falling in 30th place, the final elimination of the day.

Day 3 shuffles up and deals at 7:05 p.m. GMT on November 24 and continues until only the final table of nine remains. All eyes are on Ventura, with everyone wondering if the Peruvian can continue his impressive form.

Anatoly Filatov
Anatoly Filatov returns in seventh-place

There is some incredible talent in the chasing pack, including Aleksejs Ponakovs, Grayson Ramage, Mike Watson, and Team partypoker’s Anatoly Filatov and Isaac Haxton. The players just mentioned return to the fray with top 10 stacks.

Outside the top 10 are the likes of Daniel Colpoys, Jon Van Fleet, and Matas Cimbolas.

Each of the returning players is guaranteed $23,332 which increases to $65,331 if they reach the final table. Tune into partypoker’s Twitch channel where James Dempsey, Harry Kilbane, and Team Online’s Jeff Gross are on hand with their expert analysis and commentary.

Gavin Cochrane among CPP winners

Mini and Micro Main Events Reach Their Final Tables

Guillaume Diaz
Guillaume Diaz is in the hunt for CPP glory

The $530 buy-in Mini Main Event final table was meant to be nine-handed but a double-elimination at the death means November 24’s finale only has eight players.

Joakim Andersson and Kevin Proctor both busted on the final table bubble to leave only eight players in the hunt for the $123,718 top prize and the title of champion.

Boris Kolev leads the returning players. The Costa Rica-based grinder has 340 million chips, with Andrei Chernokoz occupying second place with 266.7 million.

UK-based Frenchman Guillaume Diaz is nicely poised in fourth place at the restart, while hats off to Grayson Ramage who has reached this final table while being among the final 29 in the $5,300 Main Event!

Mini Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Boris Kolev Costa Rica 340,901,329
2 Andrei Chernokoz Russia 266,762,546
3 Fabiano Kovalski Brazil 240,510,452
4 Guillaume Diaz United Kingdom 206,930,752
5 Pedro Neves United Kingdom 141,337,175
6 Vitalijis Zavorotnijs Estonia 133,449,044
7 Grayson Ramage Canada 83,730,610
8 Manuel Fritz Austria 69,301,264

Pascal Lefrancois Wins Action-Packed CPP Super High Roller

One of the nine players at the Micro Main Event final table will turn their $55 investment into $23,524 later today. If the tournament finishes in the order of the current chip counts that champion will be Lithuania’s Deividas Kvaselis.

Kaveselis has 720.8 million chips in his stack, 120 million more than Timur Kurbanov in second place. That sounds a lot but it’s only 12 big blinds due to the massive blinds and antes currently in play.

British star Patrick Brooks finds himself in fourth place with almost 330 million chips. The leader may have more than twice as many chips as Brooks, but the Brit is a talented player who is used to playing higher stakes than these.

Micro Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Deividas Kvaselis Lithuania 720,806,731
2 Timur Kurbanov Russia 601,694,265
3 Georgi Banchev Bulgaria 429,224,004
4 Patrick Brooks United Kingdom 329,324,892
5 Rafael Prado Brazil 292,671,566
6 Carlo Palma Brazil 170,503,411
7 Rui Campos Malta 158,536,804
8 Joao De Brito Poland 156,645,706
9 Ricardo Holana Ireland 74,337,779

Ivan Zufic Takes Down Second Chance Turbo

Ivan Zufic won an online WSOP bracelet and now has a Caribbean Poker Party title to his name after triumphing in the $2,600 buy-in Second Chance Turbo.

A compact field of 85 players bought in and Zufic was the last man standing. His reward? $59,214 in cold, hard cash. Zufic defeated Sweden’s Anton Siden heads-up, leaving the Swede to bank $37,488.

Joseph Cheong
Joseph Cheong reached yet another final table

A tournament of this magnitude always attracts the best in the business and this event was no different. The final table was a star-studded affair with Artur Martirosian, and Joseph Cheong reaching it. Their time there was limited, however, because they fell in seventh and sixth place respectively.

Matt Konttinen busted in fifth before Pim Gieles ran out of steam in fourth for an impressive $18,166. He was joined by Joao Vieira in third, a finish worth $25,614.

Second Chance Turbo Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Ivan Zufic Croatia $59,214
2 Anton Siden Sweden $37,488
3 Joao Vieira Netherlands $25,614
4 Pim Gieles Netherlands $18,116
5 Matti Konttinen Finland $13,318
6 Joseph Cheong Mexico $10,409
7 Artur Martirosian Russia $8,584

Mini Second Chance Turbo Event Ends in a Chop

The Mini Second Chance ended in a heads-up chop between Tomas Jozonis of Lithuania and Robert Heidorn. Jonzinis got his hands on the larger prize thanks, in part, to winning the $500 that the duo left for the eventual champion.

Heads-up specialist Daniel McAulay reached the final table but could only manage a sixth-place finish worth $2,010. Also at the final table was Pim Gieles who finished fourth in the $2,600 buy-in edition. This third-place finish netted Gieles an additional $5,304.

Mini Second Chance Turbo Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Tomas Jozonis Lithuania $9,754*
2 Robert Heidorn United Kingdom $8,729*
3 Pim Gieles Netherlands $5,304
4 Andrei Chenokoz Russia $3,561
5 Matthew Kirwan-Shannon United Kingdom $2,567
6 Daniel McAulay United Kingdom $2,010
7 Amr Moustafa United Kingdom $1,618

*reflects a heads-up deal

What Events Take Place Today?

Caribbean Poker Party

The trio of Main Events continue on November 24 but there are two other huge events taking place too.

There’s a $10,300 buy-in High Roller with a $1 million guarantee at 7:05 p.m. GMT then a $5,300 buy-in High Roller Second Chance event with $200,000 guaranteed two hours later at 9:05 p.m.

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