EPT Online Day 4: Badziakouski and Eibinger Chop $10K High Roller

Mikita "fish2013" Badziakouski wins EPT Online High Roller

On the fourth day of the 2020 PokerStars European Poker Tour Online, the big notables were once again those claiming the spotlights. In EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller], it was Mikita “fish2013” Badziakouski who chopped the event with Matthias “iambest2” Eibinger. The pair of crushers received over $220K each for outlasting a 109-player field with the world’s very best in it. Badziakouski won the final hand and will officially add an EPT victory to his extensive resumé.

In addition, two other key events kicked off and played into the money. Sam “Str8$$$Homey” Greenwood is among the big stacks in EPT Online 08: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max], while Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich leads the final five in EPT Online 09: $5,200 8-Game [High Roller].

Check out below for all that transpired on Day 4 of the EPT Online festival.

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Badziakouski and Eibinger Chop EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller]

Matthias Eibinger
Matthias Eibinger

On a short-lived final day of just two and a half hours, a winner has been crowned in EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller] and it was Mikita “fish2013” Badziakouski who became the latest champion of the 2020 PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) Online after he cut a deal with Matthias “iambest2” Eibinger heads-up.

The event featured a field of 109 entries and the top 13 finishers earned a portion of the $1,090,000 prize pool with Badziakouski and Eibinger taking home near identical amounts of $222,453 and $221,564.

For most of the final table, it was all about Eibinger, who never surrendered the lead until the heads-up deal was cut. Both then agreed to get their chips in preflop no matter what and Badziakouski’s prediction of “ok next hand flip book and then keep going till i bust you” turned out to be true.

Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph, EPT Online 07: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max] champion Daniel “SmilleThHero” Smiljkovic, Mike “SirWatts” Watson, Bert “girafganger7” Stevens, Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams, and Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford also made the final table.

EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller] Final Table Results

Place Winner Country Prize (USD)
1 Mikita “fish2013” Badziakouski Belarus $222,453*
2 Matthias “iambest2” Eibinger Austria $221,564*
3 Christian “WATnlos” Rudolph Austria $148,058
4 hello_totti Russia $113,673
5 Daniel “SmilleThHero” Smiljkovic Austria $87,274
6 Mike “SirWatts” Watson Canada $67,006
7 Bert “girafganger7” Stevens United Kingdom $51,445
8 Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams Canada $39,498
9 Conor “1_conor_b_1” Beresford United Kingdom $33,035

*denotes heads-up deal of the final two players

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Greenwood Among Top Stacks in EPT Online 08: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max]

Sam Greenwood
Sam Greenwood

Day 1 of the PokerStars EPT Online 08: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max] ended with 15 out of 244 players surviving the day Day 2. On Thursday at 7:05 p.m. CET, they’ll be back to contest for the EPT trophy and first-place prize of $96,144.

Claiming the Day 1 chip lead with almost 140 big blinds when play resumes is “efkinis24” from Lithuania. Their stack of 4,144,129 is leading the pack by quite a lot as they are followed in the counts by Sam “Str8$$$Homey” Greenwood with 3,301,000 and Alexandros “Pwndidi” Theologis with 2,866,808 in the top 3.

Other familiar players to make it through to Day 2 and the $96,144 top prize are Bert “girafganger7” Stevens, Arsenii “josef_shvejk” Karmatckii, Thomas “WushuTM” Muehloecker, David “deivid29” Tovar, and Guillaume “Nolet20” Nolet.

EPT Online 08: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max] Day 1 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chip Count
1 efkinis24 Lithuania 4,144,129
2 Sam “Str8$$$Homey” Greenwood Canada 3,301,000
3 Alexandros “Pwndidi” Theologis Greece 2,866,808
4 com 157 United Kingdom 2,356,231
5 Bert “girafganger7” Stevens Belgium 2,164,671
6 Bogatur777 Ukraine 1,990,288
7 Arsenii “josef_shvejk” Karmatckii Russia 1,696,783
8 Audrius “Stakelis24” Stakelis Lithuania 983,633
9 fkiw Sweden 927,208
10 flerrehuve Sweden 913,225

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Tough Mixed-Game Vets Lead Final Five into the Money in EPT Online 8-Game

Dzmitry Urbanovich
Dzmitry Urbanovich

It wasn’t a big field, but it certainly was a tough one populating the seats of EPT Online 09: $5,200 8-Game [High Roller]. A field of 51 entries has come down to just five remaining grinders, and as expected, some mixed-game legends are among the competitors.

Atop the counts: Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich, the young all-arounder who has racked up an impressive handful of titles in various formats on PokerStars after first making himself known as a no-limit high-roller participant.

Then, there’s Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier, who grabbed a mixed-game bracelet at the 2017 WSOP and has been a regular name at the end of big PokerStars tournaments as well.

In third, anonymous cash crusher “RaulGonzalez,” who can often be found playing the highest-stake mixed games running on the site.

Finally, World Championship of Online Poker legend Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov and Christian “Crisper” Pereira round it out as the short stacks.

EPT Online 09: $5,200 8-Game [High Roller] Day 1 Chip Counts

Seat Player Country Stack
1 Jens “Fresh_oO_D” Lakemeier Austria 1,443,921
2 Dzmitry “Colisea” Urbanovich Latvia 1,527,625
3 “RaúlGonzalez” Germany 1,262,277
4 Denis “aDrENalin710” Strebkov Russia 357,615
5 Christian “Crisper” Pereira Argentina 509,562

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Events Scheduled on November 12

The first event of the series that started all the way back on Sunday — the EPT Online 01: $1,050 Arena Championship — will finally play down to a winner tonight in addition to the two aforementioned tournaments.

There are also plenty of satellites running for EPT Online events, so head to the PokerStars client to find out more.

Date Time Event Format Buy-in Guarantee
November 12th 18:05 EPT Online 10 [Super High Roller] 8-Max NLHE $25,000 $2,000,000
November 12th 19:05 EPT Online 11 [Deep Stacks] 8-Max NLHE $1,050 $500,000
November 12th 18:05 Mini EPT Online 08 8-Max NLHE $22 $150,000
November 12th 19:05 Mini EPT Online 09 [Mini High Roller] 6-Max 8-Game $55 $50,000

Two more events will kick off tonight where all eyes will be on EPT Online 10: $25,000 NLHE [8-Max, Super High Roller] with a guarantee of $2,000,000. Among those playing is streamer Lex Veldhuis, who has been bought into the event by his sponsor PokerStars to create awareness for Lewy body dementia, the disease that played a big role in his late father’s recent passing.

EPT Online Winners

Date Event Entries Prize Pool Winner First Prize
November 9th EPT Online 02: $10,300 PLO High Roller 70 $700,000 Ka Kwan “kaju5” Lau $188,937
November 8th EPT Online 03: $5,200 High Roller 131 $655,000 David “MonkeyBausss” Laka $143,567
November 9th EPT Online 04: $530 NLHE 1,139 $569,500 Tatiana “Mysters_Y” Barausova $74,951
November 9th EPT Online 05: $1,050 Win the Button 238 $200,000 Claas “SsicK_OnE” Segebrecht $45,765
November 11th EPT Online 06: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, High Roller] 109 $1,090,000 Mikita “fish2013” Badziakouski $222,453
November 10th EPT Online 07: $2,100 NLHE PKO 334 $668,000 Daniel “SmilleThHero” Smiljkovic $113,490

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