GTO Training Made Easy with LearnWPT’s Train & Explain

GTO Training Made Easy with LearnWPT’s Train & Explain

The popularity of Game Theory Optimal (GTO) poker strategy is undeniable. Whether in articles, on poker blogs, social media posts, or in any of the poker forums, it’s hard to escape the debate surrounding GTO strategy and its effect on the game.

No matter what side of the fence you are on, it’s now mandatory for any player who wants to be a successful player to study GTO strategy. Almost every game you play in will have at least one player trying to implement this strategy, especially in online games. These GTO players will often be tricky, challenging opponents who put you in difficult spots and find ways to fight for almost every pot. They will be balanced and not have betting pattern tells. They will often stand in the way of your profit.

Is Game Theory Optimal Strategy Too Complex to Learn?

And if you’ve been following along with the debate surrounding GTO Strategy, you’ve probably heard about all the advanced solver tools, the various bet sizing options for each street, and the intense multicolored hand range charts with randomization frequencies. You’ve certainly seen the comments from some players that GTO is too complex to apply in real games and that sometimes the reasoning behind the core strategy can seem difficult to nail down.

While it’s true that to become proficient in GTO Strategy you’ll need to learn several new concepts and change the way you look at a poker hand in a way that might make you feel uncomfortable, you likely haven’t tried to learn these new strategies in the most efficient way.

As a pioneer in Game Theory Optimal Poker Strategy education with the WPT GTO Trainer, LearnWPT has created a whole new way to learn GTO Strategy even faster. Introducing the new the Train & Explain Strategy Episode Series from LearnWPT featuring the WPT GTO Trainer.

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Sit Behind a LearnWPT Pro and Learn By Doing

Poker training has evolved over the years to include many supplemental tools and styles of learning. One of the tried and true staples, popularized by Twitch Streamers, is the play and explain style of training.

Play and explain style videos involve watching an online tournament with the benefit of seeing a player’s hole cards and hearing their thought process in real time. Often these sessions are filled with interesting real-time decisions that will provide value to savvy viewers. However given that the teacher is playing in an actual tournament and has limited time between decisions, they are unable to articulate the fundamentals behind each decision and tie them to a cohesive game plan.

Train & Explain from LearnWPT gives you an exclusive seat behind a Pro for 5 select hands from the WPT GTO Trainer with an innovative twist: students play the same hands as their instructors for each episode. Here’s how it works.

Before the start of each Strategy Episode, students are provided a link to the same 5 curated hand pack from the WPT GTO Trainer to play before watching the analysis. By playing the hands before watching the Pro analysis, students are able to identify specific trouble areas by noting the decisions with the highest EV loss from the curated hand pack, thereby focusing their learning on the most pressing leaks.

Train & Explain provides a framework for students to learn by doing and comparing their decisions to the LearnWPT Pros, with in-depth explanations of the GTO strategy for each decision point. By incorporating actual poker play into the process of learning new concepts, students can more quickly adapt their specific games toward making more consistent decisions across a variety of board textures and opponent responses.

Try Train & Explain Free – Build your Feedback Loop

The key to accelerating your poker learning process is the development of a reliable feedback loop for your play. You can watch, read, and listen to as many poker strategy pieces as possible and gain some skill in poker, but you’ll often be unable to see the leaks in your game without a structured feedback loop for learning.

The LearnWPT Pros crafted and perfected their games by sharing hands with each other and other trusted friends and laser focusing on the key leaks that cost them the most in game. Now with Train & Explain, you can join their feedback loop and add even more structure to your training sessions.

Delivered in easy to consume high quality video, Strategy Episodes that usually take 15 minutes or less to watch, Train & Explain allows you to practice GTO Strategy and learn the theory behind the game plan with clear feedback and easy to remember rules. With dedicated practice you can start applying these concepts to your game quickly and become the player in your game that frustrates and outplays your more rigid opponents.

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