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The Monster Series Main Event and Mini Main Event have reached their respective Day 2 and some of the prizes on offer are huge. Whoever takes down the $55 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed Main Event walks away with $44,964 with the winner of the $5.50 buy-in $30,000 guaranteed Mini Main Event securing a bankroll-boosting $4,508.10.

Marow Tops Main Event Day 1B Chip Counts

Place Player Chips
1 Marow 18,812,997
2 rssollero 17,387,465
3 Jokert66699 17,230,118
4 goldennname 16,531,481
5 kuumotus 16,114,668
6 Tzinhoo 16,065,089
7 LogicalCucker 15,545,115
8 Cant0na 15,241,369
9 Bbbounty 15,238,813
10 churbro161718 15,127,690

Day 1B of the $55 buy-in Monster Series Main Event drew in 3,212 players, taking the total number of entrants to an impressive 5,910. Those 3,212 Day 1B starters were whittled to a more manageable 580 over the course of 18 levels.

“Marow” was the player who finished the final flight as the chip leader. They turned their 1,000,000 starting stack into 18,812,997. Those chips are enough to see the Day 1B leader sit down on Day 2 at 19:05 GMT on November 16 seventh in chips.

A total of 1,053 players made it through to Day 2 and 920 of those will receive a slice of the $300,000 prize pool. A min-cash weighs in at $96 with a final table appearance boosting that prize to $2,643. The champion, whoever that shall be, takes home a cool $44,964.

DjSin99 Claims Mini Main Event Day 1B Lead, Leads Overall

Place Player Chips
1 DjSin99 26,408,794
2 Stoffels 22,022,017
3 RestLess 21,710,784
4 superkjedsen 21,364,158
5 mihc991 20,132,432
6 KillerVix 19,624,799
7 NehrajSil 19,473,682
8 Jakarakta 19,295,960
9 Iavington 18,879,327
10 Hardy 18,697,660

Some 3,092 players piled into Day 1B of the $5.50 buy-in Mini Main Event, taking the total attendance to 5,735. It was a great day at the tables for some of the Day 1B players because five of them finished the night with more than 20 million chips.

“DjSin99” finished Day 1B with 26,408,794 which was enough for the chip lead and means they lead the tournament overall. That lead is only narrow, however, because Rafael Pacheco bagged up 26,249,725 chips on Day 1A.

“Stoffels” (22,022,017), “RestLess” (27,710,784), “superkjedsen” (21,364,158), and “mihc991” (20,132,432) were the other Day 1B players to finish with more than 20 million chips.

Day 2 shuffles up and deals at 19:05 GMT and sees 932 players return. Only 792 of those win some prize money. $11.40 awaits anyone min-cashing, $267.90 is awarded to anyone reaching the final table, with the champion securing a $4,508.10 payout.

ArtOfSunTzu Takes Home Almost $11,000

Place Player Prize
1 ArtOfSunTzu $10,96.41
2 julianpineda77 $7,765.51
3 Ovoide14 $4,999.10
4 Skrufs $3,357.73
5 L.Oliveira $2,344.33
6 ExDaCas $1,601.17
7 Tingmaster $1,097.85
8 masterrochi $815.78
9 Riaxa $668.84

The $33 buy-in Deepstack attracted 2,252 players who helped smash the $50,000 guarantee. The final 312 players shared $67,560 with “ArtOfSunTzu” walking away with the title of champion and an impressive $10,963.41

All but two of the finalists got their hands on a four-figure prize. “Riaxa” and “masterrochi” being that duo, although the $668.84 and $815.78 they collected isn’t to be sniffed at.

“Tingmaster” busted in seventh and locked up $1,097.85 before “ExDaCas” and “L.Oliveira” fell by the wayside and scooped $1,601.17 and $2,344.33 for their efforts.

“Skrufs” fell in fourth for a $3,357.73 and was joined on the rail by “Ovoide14” who claimed the $4,999.10 third-place prize.

ArtOfSunTzu then defeated “julianpineda77” to resign the runner-up to a still impressive $7,765.51 consolation prize.

Updoka tales Down Mini Deepstack

Place Player Prize
1 Updoka $802.88*
2 Pieceofmeat $748.81*
3 ShiaLaBleuff $694.63*
4 Meinkraft $651.28*
5 Zac Wurth $250.67
6 ML0804 $171.20
7 Pirate_Dolan $117.39
8 FuisCklam $87.22
9 Sweet-Marjan $71.51

*reflects a four-handed deal

The $3.30 Mini Deepstack also crushed its guarantee with the 2,408-entrants creating a $7,224 prize pool.

The event ended in a four-handed chop with that quartet sharing $2,897.60 of the prize money. “Meinkraft” finished in fourth-place for $651.28 with “ShiaLaBleuff” crashing out in third for $694.63.

“Pieceofmeat” was the official runner-up, which came with $748.81, leaving “Updoka” to claim the title and $802.88.

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