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November 5 is traditionally Bonfire Night in the United Kingdom and there were definitely fireworks in the Monster Series. The $109 High Roller was the highlight of the evening and it didn’t disappoint in the slightest, smashing its guarantee under the watchful eyes of Team Online’s Jaime Staples and Henry Kilbane on our Twitch channel.

Here’s what went down in the latest round of Monster Series events.

Monster #09 – High Roller: $50K Gtd

Buy-in: $109
Entrants: 589
Prize pool: $58,900

Place Player Prize
1 dontmakeamess $10,703.62
2 TheresaMaysMum $7,634.32
3 Super-Saiyajin $5,177.89
4 nexthandplease $3,604.68
5 XiSpazaR $2,520.92
6 DonkeyFish19 $1,831.79
7 duncerr $1,319.36
8 RaiderNation888 $1,074.92

Watch the entire $109 High Roller Twitch stream here

“dontmakeamess” cleaned up in the $109 High Roller by topping a talented field of 589 players. Those 589 entrants created a prize pool $8,900 larger than the advertised $50,000 guarantee and dontmakeamess got their hands on the lion’s share of the pot.

“RaiderNation888” was the final table’s first casualty, they netted $1,047.92 when their lost a coinflip against the of “nexthandplease”.

Seventh-place went to “duncerr” whose lost to nexthandplease’s , another coinflip taking the tournament life of a player.

Nexthandplease continued their wrecking spree by sending “DonkeyFish19” to the sidelines in sixth-place. It was for nexthandplease and for DonkeyFish19. The board ran without a six in sight and the player count reduced by one.

The final five became four when “XiSpazaR” lost their stack. proved to be no good against the of “Super-Saiyajin” when the five community cards fell .

Fourth place and $3,604.68 went to nexthandplease who got the last of the chips in preflop with and can feel a little hard done by to run into Super-Saiyajin’s dominating .

Heads-up was set soon after when Super-Saiyajin ran out of steam and luck. Dontmakeamess min-raised to 1,200,000 with and Super-Saiyajin three-bet to 4,200,000 with . Dontmakeamess called and the flop fell . Super-Saiyajin led for 2,520,000 and was called. The turn was the and Super-Saiyajin shoved for 11,361,219 and was instantly called. The all-in player needed a jack and only a the non-club jack, but the river was the and they busted in third for $5,177.89.

That gave dontmakeamess a huge 48,051,355 to 10,848,645 chip lead over “TheresaMaysMum” and it didn’t take long to press that advantage home.

The final hand saw a preflop raising war that resulted in ThersaMaysMum getting their chips in with and dontmakeamess calling with . A final board reading sent ThersaMaysMum to the rail in second, a finish worth $7,364.32 and locked up the $10,703.62 top prize for dontmakeamess.

Monster #10 – Mix-Max Knockout: $20K Gtd

Buy-in: $5.50
Entrants: 3,265
Prize pool: $20,000

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 Lucky-Guy $1,194.53 $734.12
2 Apasqualotto $1,190.08 $109.45
3 Shizuibr $917.70 $79.82
4 GGHudson $684.62 $31.75
5 Newlifer $461.36 $100.00
6 Sheared Sheep $274.80 $172.59

Mix-max events put players to the ultimate test and the knockout format adds an extra element to the tournament. The $5.50 buy-in $20,000 guaranteed Monster Series event saw 3,265 players take to the partypoker tables. That Monster-sized crowed were all outlasted by “Lucky-Guy” who won the $1,194.53 top prize plus an additional $734.12 in bounties.

Each of the finalists won at least $447.39 with bounties included, a great return on a $5.50 investment.

“Sheared Sheep” was cut down in sixth before “Newlifer” busted in fifth. “GGHudson” said good game in fourth, with “Shizuibr” falling by the wayside in third.

Heads-up pitted Lucky-Guy against “Apasqualotto” and the former got the job done. Second-place weighed in at a combined $1,299.53, a good day at the office for sure.

Monster #10 – Mini Mix-Max Knockout: $2K Gtd

Buy-in: $0.55
Entrants: 1,638
Prize pool: $2,000

Place Player Prize Bounties
1 morugas $180.52 $47.21
1 suhar00 $178.92 $13.06
1 AABOGAAA333 $134.72 $14.52
1 R.Shkrobov $100.36 $10.03
1 unknown53 $70.06 $4.99
1 skepitcal_a $47.38 $8.00

The $0.55 buy-in Mini edition of the Mix-Max Knockout drew in 1,638 players who fought it out for a share of the $2,000 pot.

“moruggs” was the last player standing, earning the title of champion and a total prize worth $227.73. They defeated “suhar00” heads-up, leaving the runner-up to pad their partypoker bankroll with a $191.98 prize.

What Monster Series Events Can You Play Today?

November 6 sees the final day of both the $75,000 guaranteed 7-Max and the $7.5K guaranteed Mini 7-Max. Only 503 players remain in bigger of the two events and it is “De decco” who is in pole position for the $11,602.14 top prize.

“bensylver12399” leads the Mini 7-Max where $1,171.54 awaits the champion.

Four new tournaments kick off too, giving you some Friday night entertainment.

A $5.50 and $0.55 PLO8 and Mini PLO8 event start at 19:30 CET while an $11 and $1.10 Turbo Knockout and Mini Turbo Knockout start at 20:05 CET. Good luck at the tables.

Time (GMT) Time (CET) Event Buy-in
18:30 19:30 Monster #11 – PLO8: $2.5K Gtd $5.50
18:30 19:30 Monster #11 – Mini PLO8: $250 Gtd $0.55
19:05 20:05 Monster #12 – Turbo Knockout: $30K Gtd $11
19:05 20:05 Monster #12 – Mini Turbo Knockout: $3K Gtd $1.10

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