Play the WSOP App And Learn to Respect The Game

World Series of Poker

We’re massive fans of poker here at PokerNews, the game is even in our name, which is why we love the official game of the World Series of Poker. Playing if for the past few weeks with the free 1 million chip bonus has really made us respect the game.

The WSOP app may not be for actual money, but that doesn’t detract from your experience. This is because there’s a whole lot more to the WSOP game than bagging yourself some cash. You can secure virtual WSOP rings and bracelets, earn bragging rights among your friends, and you can hone your skills with no risk to your bankroll.

Respect The Game: Play For High Stakes

Playing for high stakes doesn’t have to be limited to the game’s elite stars with monster-sized bankrolls. You too can experience the highs of playing for “nosebleed” stakes.

The Hold’em and Omaha cash games available on the WSOP app start at 5,000/10,000 and increase past 1,250,000/2,500,000! Pots of hundreds of millions of chips are commonplace. They may be play money chips but players at the higher stakes respect the game immensely and the games play out like there’s serious money on the line. This gives you the perfect opportunity to experience the high life with no financial outlay.

WSOP Free Poker Game Launches 1m Free Chips Promotion

Sharpen Your Skills For Free

If you respect the game of poker, you should want to learn everything about it and become a better player. It can become costly quickly if you try new strategies out in cash games at other online poker sites, but not with the WSOP app where it’s free to play.

Ever considered trying out a Pot Limit Omaha game but you’re unsure of the rules? Maybe you know the rules but you’ve just never dipped your toes into the PLO waters because you’re afraid the sharks will eat you? This is where the WSOP app comes in, making it possible to splash around in new games without having anything to fear.

Perhaps you’re predominately a cash game player and want to improve at tournament poker. If that’s the case, create your WSOP account right now because tournaments run around the clock, some with gigantic payouts.

There are plenty of ways to get your hands on more chips if the worst should happen and you dust off a stack or two. There’s the 250,000 free chip offer for PokerNews readers for a start. Then there are the free chips awarded to you for each Facebook friend you invite to the game. Jump right in, the water’s warm!

Find Out All the Ways to get Free WSOP Chips

Gain The Respect of Your Peers By Becoming a VIP

WSOP created a special VIP scheme that you climb whenever you play a hand of poker. Everyone starts at the Jacks level before climbing to Queens, Kings, Aces, Masters, and finally Grand Masters.

Your VIP level determines which fantastic benefits your receive, including chip multipliers, bigger Daily Free Spins, and huge discounts in the WSOP store.

Not only do you receive a wealth of benefits, your VIP status is displayed next to your avatar whenever you play cash games or tournaments. Your opponents instantly know you’re a serious grinder just by looking at your VIP level. Never mind just respecting the game, it will be you earning all the respect.

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