PN Podcast Special: Hossein Ensan, Kevin MacPhee & Mike McDonald Celebrate EPT

In this special edition of the PokerNews Podcast, Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway talk about all things European Poker Tour (EPT) in honor of the EPT Online, which is running now through November 18.

They not only talk about their favorite EPT memories and stops, they highlight those players that made a name for themselves on the EPT. They also chat with special guests such as 2019 WSOP Main Event & EPT Prague champ Hossein Ensan, long-time PokerStars employee Lee Jones, and Kevin MacPhee & Mike “Timex” McDonald, who saw their respective EPT wins help launch their tremendous poker careers.

Time Stamps

Time Topic
01:00 Chad and Sarah Share EPT Memories
04:30 Eaten Alive by 100 Fish
06:00 How the EPT has changed behind the scenes
11:30 Chad’s EPT Memorabilia
14:00 Hossein Ensan joins the show
23:00 Kevin MacPhee joins the show
34:00 The EPT gets robbed in Berlin
54:22 Lee Jones joins the show
01:25:00 Shout out to the PokerStars Blog Team
01:28:00 Poker players that defined the EPT
01:32:00 Mike “Timex” McDonald joins the show
01:35:00 The evolution of the EPT
01:38:30 Mike’s projects the last couple of years
01:46:31 Mike’s memories of the EPT
01:55:45 Vicky Coren was first woman winner & two-time EPT champion
01:58:30 The worst EPT Main Event ever
02:03:30 Favorite stops for Sarah and Chad
02:07:45 EPT ONLINE Nov 8-18, 2020
02:10:37 Oddschecker Ad

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