You’ve Rivered Top Pair and Face an Overbet – Do You Call?

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Gareth James is a tournament poker player, author, coach, content creator and streamer.

He currently grinds the off-peak Sunday schedule over on Twitch and you can find his regular strategy content, for free, over on Youtube.

Last year I recorded a series of videos called ‘How to Think Like a Poker Pro‘ where I dissected a Jason Koon blog post and helped you navigate each street using the ideas and questions from that post. That series seemed to go down pretty well, so we’re going to return to that kind of analysis for this hand.

Check out Gareth’s ‘How To Think Like a Poker Pro Series here, with flop, turn and river analysis

In my latest video, we’re going to take a look at a tough river spot from the Bigger $55 on PokerStars facing a huge overbet jam.

The LJ on 34bb opens for a min-raise, the HJ with 166bb calls and it folds around to Hero on the BTN with 67bb who squeezes to 8bb with KJs. The blinds and the oR fold and the HJ calls.

Gareth James Poker

The flop comes T83r, the HJ checks and Hero bets around 29% pot. The HJ calls. The turn is the 3h and it goes check check. Then the river is the Js and the HJ jams for 1.65x pot, betting 53.15bb into a pot of 32.2bb.

Gareth James Poker

In the video, we take a look at both preflop and postflop analysis, and endeavour to answer questions like:

  • What does my range look like?
  • What does the HJ’s range look like?
  • How does this board interact with both ranges?
  • Who is this board better for?
  • What is my betting strategy/opponent’s strategy when facing a bet?
  • What is villain’s jamming range/my calling range?
  • And many more!

This 11-minute video goes into depth on this particular spot, and will help you should you come across this type of hand on the online or live felt.

Watch the video here:

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