Where to play live video blackjack?

Where to play live video blackjack?

Live Dealers results from the integration of online casinos with the most tangible aspects of a physical casino, namely human Dealers, mechanical roulette and real cards using the internet as the vehicle that serves the remote game between the player and the casino. There are two types of Live Dealer Games:

The game is streamed from a physical studio or casino where the environment (lighting, camera views, zoom, orientation etc.) and interface features (interaction, visual angle etc.) are optimized for online play.


Internet games are streamed from TV studios by cable TV hosts – in which you can participate live through your PC with thousands of other players.

In front of the casino dealer is a camcorder that shoots in real time. This information is directly transmitted to the player’s PC via a game interface.

The player interface also transmits the player’s bet information so that the casino can correctly pay the player’s prize. The interface is slightly different from platform to platform, but they all have a screen where real-time video is displayed in the center, surrounded by all your betting information and game information.

You will also have access to house rules and betting history and results through links in the interface. Many advantages are aimed at playing with Live Dealer over fully computerized roulette:

A Dealer spins the ball, not software – players can see the Dealer in action as he spins the ball and play in real time, making the game much more interactive and alleviating the fear that the software could play against it. player.

Chat Option – Promotes social interaction, especially with other players, so the player gets the best of both worlds: home comfort and the socializing of a physical casino.

The Dealer Himself – there’s no doubt that online casinos have invested in the beauty of their dealers, and there’s no question that it’s much better to play online roulette interacting with a pretty dealer than simply looking at a computer.

Excellent graphics – roulette graphics (deep down in reality) are crisp and well transmitted via webcam, and this can add a lot of excitement when playing.

All casinos with this feature offer the following games: Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat. Other casinos may also offer Poker or Sic Bo.

Is it better to play in this type of game?

While it is difficult to respond without being subjective, as certain players may enjoy playing with a certain dealer or certain aspects of a certain platform, there are important aspects to consider such as the reputation of online casinos in a safe environment, fair gaming and customer support. In our online casinos section you will find more information about the casinos we consider the best online casinos – all casinos include this option to play.


The playtech platform with European dealers is the latest generation of games, with the option of chatting with the dealer and zooming in on the video. Games are played according to European roulette rules, and in the Pro version you have the ability to place the famous French bets – the bets on a given segment of roulette and neighborhood.

The video quality of Playtech European Dealer is excellent. High resolution and without compromising transmission speed which is increasingly important to ensure high gameplay. It also allows you to zoom and zoom the video in real time.

The time between plays is about 30 seconds, which allows for a quick game while giving enough time for the player to think about his next move.

The interface is quite simple and intuitive, and typically this platform is associated with very reputable licensed casinos – which is a very important fact to consider.

You have the option to talk to the dealer in chat version, with interface access to your entire betting history. You also have access to the results of recent history by adding the term “hot” to numbers that came out more often and “cold” to numbers that came out less often.

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