Cash Game Strategy at Poker Texas Holdem

Cash Game Strategy at Poker Texas Holdem

It is very different to sit and play poker at a cash table than at a tournament table. Each one will have different characteristics, and each one will require different skills. The game that develops is the same, poker Texas Holdem, and who knows how to play cash knows how to play in the tournament and vice versa. But the way of playing is not identical, and perhaps that’s why there are poker players specialized in Cash and others in Tournaments.

If you play poker for Cash you have to know that money is very present at all times , that everything revolves around it. Among other things because the chips are money, and it is about winning chips, and therefore money. In the tournament too, but it is more about achieving a position, of being as good as possible, as in a competition. In Cash, the oscillations of gains and losses vary at all times. That is why it is very important to try to control these oscillations.

Follow strategy

The strategy to follow in cash is mainly to vary the game a lot , to constantly change the table image. This will help a lot to hinder your rivals’ reading work, and you will become much more feared and unpredictable.

Reading work in Cash is perhaps the most important point. To be a great Cash player you have to have a sixth sense to understand every movement of your rivals. This reading work is essential. In Tournaments it is perhaps less important since the phases are changing and even you are changing tables, so that the reading and analysis of the players play a slightly less important role. Although you will be subject to decisions that both in one and another you will have to face by launching a psychological reading process.

As the cash game is much more repetitive and constant because the blinds do not vary, it will be the players who adapt their strategy by constantly varying the game according to each situation. It is thus that the work of reading appears fundamental, oriented to understand the reason for each situation, and with the purpose among others of locating any lantern that is attempted to be carried out. A faithful ally to this reading work will be the calculation of probabilities, since according to the probabilities of each situation, each movement will have a particular message.

We can conclude that possibly, the two most important strategic factors of a cash game are reading work and the calculation of probabilities , which, although closely linked and complementary to each other, play an essential role individually.

As for the issue of probabilities, there are tracker programs that calculate the odds of winning at any time. They can be useful in the long run, although at all times it is more important that it is complemented by a good reading job.

So if you have understood all these points, you will know a little better how a cash game in poker develops, and at what points you should pay special attention to be able to carry out a winning strategy when you play poker at Cash Games tables.

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