The best known poker movements

The best known poker movements

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Some terms of poker are so used by all poker players that it is almost impossible that you have never heard of them, such as bluffing or doing all-in. We are going to develop the best known poker movements one by one.

The lantern

In a poker game who else and who has played less than bluffing ever, and the bluff is an essential strategy in poker. With this technique we try to deceive and mislead our opponents, disrupt the game trying to surprise and deceive the rest of the players making them think that we have a better hand than the one we actually carry.

The bluff or bluff, is a technique that new players love to use, however you have to know very well when to use it since if any player comes to realize that in fact it is a bluff very few possibilities we will have to win the hand.

Depending on some circumstances and factors using the lantern may become more or less effective. For example, if we play against few players it is easier for him to succeed, although on the other hand, if these players are beginners they can get to see our play, while if they are expert players they are more frequent to swallow the lantern.

The boat factor also influences a lot when it comes to winning, or not, the lantern. If the boat is very high, it will hardly sneak, although everything depends. For example, it depends on the image we project on the table. If others see us as a “Tight” player, it is easier for our lanterns to sneak.

Another factor to consider is the moment of the game in which we are. If we are in the last betting rounds it is difficult to strain it, also depending on the flop, it is difficult to raise it, especially if good cards have been uncovered.

Another variety that we will find within the lantern mode is the semi lantern . This is not that we have a good hand, but it is possible that with the turn or the river the panorama improves, and if that happens this is an unbeatable technique.


Other strategy that you can use to develop your play is to raise the betting round, or as it is usually called, raise. It is logical to think that a player is going to raise his bet when he has a good play, and if he has a bad hand he will fold (a word that has emerged from the English term “fold” that means throwing himself), he will leave the play because he has nothing.

Although not all players follow this logic or share the same intentions, for example, many players raise to increase the pot center, encourage other players to contribute the bet, and eventually take the entire prize.

Another way to protect our play is to raise the bet, so other players who are not very convinced of their hand will throw their cards as they will not risk taking certain risks.

In a poker game the opportunities and options are endless, at any time depending on the strategy or technique we develop, the tension is assured.


There are many ways to fight to take the boat, one of them is to do the check-raise technique. This play takes place when we pass, check, at the beginning of the betting round with the intention of creating a false sense of security among our opponent. Players will continue to bet on the betting round, so the pot will not stop growing. When our turn comes again we will raise, we will raise the bet with which we will create a climate of confusion at the table, we will cause some players to withdraw from the hand and thus we will get the boat immediately.

Free letter

Another technique we can develop to get the prize is to try to get a free card, I explain. It consists of giving the impression that we are going with a strong hand on the flop, especially when we are in final positions, with the aim that the rest of the players check on the turn, and in this way we can see the river completely free.

Slow play

Let’s talk now about another type of strategy that is widely used by beginner players, it is slow play. It consists of showing weakness with low bets by checking when, in fact, we carry a good hand. The objective is to prevent the rest of the players from withdrawing from the play so that the pot continues to grow. But as the common letters get undressed the risk continues to increase, so sometimes it is better to go to safety. It is not very advisable to follow this technique when there are many players at the table since it is very likely that some of them have a strong play project and in the end what we would be doing is making things easy.


And finally, the best known, all-in. When a player decides to go all-in, the ghost of uncertainty and nerves is planted on the table. This play can be used to see a certain bet, it does not matter if you do not have the necessary amount to see it, while you have only one chip you can see the bet because a parallel pot is created. You can also use this move to intimidate the rest of the players, because betting on the entire stack, are major words, and you have to be very convinced of your cards.

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