Types of poker player: fish, maniac, rock, shark

Types of poker player: fish, maniac, rock, shark

One of the first tasks you must do when you immerse yourself in the world of poker is to analyze and understand the types of players you can find, or the types of phases you can go through to understand and develop your strategy as soon as possible.

Poker is formed by an endless list of determining factors, factors that only good players will dominate, among which, for example, observation. In a game of poker just by taking a simple look at the table we can see a lot of details that, in the long run, will be deciphering a series of essential clues to develop our strategy, to become a winner.

If we stop for a second to analyze a poker game, in a game we can find up to four types of players that are normally known as loose-passive, loose-aggressive, tight passive and tight-aggressive.

We ourselves can go through these four phases depending on the moment of the game in which we are, that is, that a player does not have to be typecast in a type of player throughout the game, let’s see.

One type of poker player is the loose passive . It is characterized by playing a wide range of hands, as indicated by the “loose” concept, but then does not defend them, because of being passive. He is also not observant and does not pay attention to his rivals or the position he occupies at the table. It is common to find them in the tables of low limits.

The fact of being passive means that they rarely raise the bet so they just watch the bets of their rivals, what is called “calling stations”. They always get carried away by their luck showing a total indifference towards fundamental aspects such as the calculation of the probability of the odds that the boat shows. This type of player is also known as “fish.”

This poker player profile is the worst we can find and they are usually diehard losers, so it is not usually a good idea to make lanterns when our opponent plays under these characteristics, it is best to raise the bet which you will surely see and most of the Sometimes they won’t have a good hand.

Let’s look now at another type of poker player, loose aggressive . In a game we will quickly detect them because of the danger they represent. They are the most difficult to handle because despite not carrying a good hand, they raise and resubmit the bet with supreme aggressiveness and without hesitation in making lanterns.


Before this type of players it is best to develop a passive play to see the bets up to the river, and if we are sure to take a good hand, we will raise and raise the bet to make the jackpot as big as possible and thus take a jackpot. We will also refer to this type of player as “maniac” .

Another type of characteristic player is the tight passive , rigid passive. It is easy to detect. He never bets unless his cards have a certain value, otherwise he will retire. In his plays rarely raises the bet. It is enough for him to sit down and wait for a safe hand to arrive, which is why they are called liabilities.


This type of poker player never suffers large variations in his bankroll so if these players want to win money they must lose their fear of betting. Otherwise it will be very easy to remove them from the table, it will be enough to place hard bets against them, since without thinking twice, they will be thrown.

In addition, we have to point out that this type of player is popularly known as “rock,” or rock. It does not give much action to the game, and one of the disadvantages of being a rock player is that the rivals who are attentive and discover it, will retire in time to avoid losing a greater amount of money.

The last type of player we have left to analyze is the tight aggressive , rigid aggressive . He is the best player of all, since he is very selective with his hands and aggressive in his plays. Always raise the bets to protect your play so it is difficult to discover when you are bluffing.

This type of poker player is the most difficult to eliminate, is a shark, “shark” on the table and does not give up easily, fights skillfully using all possibilities, raise, chek raise, semifarol and slow- play.

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