The best Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack Strategy

What is the best strategy to play blackjack and optimize your chances of victory? The answer is very simple: the basic blackjack strategy. Keep reading and discover how to win in blackjack .

Blackjack is a very popular game, both online and in real casinos. This is because players must make decisions that can affect the outcome of each game, which gives players the feeling that more skills are needed to win in blackjack than in other types of casino games (with the exception of poker). However, for a sensible and experienced player, their decisions will rarely differ from what the basic blackjack strategy dictates. In this game the dealer does not make decisions, so the best decisions for the players in each situation are always the same, and this is the reason why the basic blackjack strategy works.

Once you have assimilated the basic strategy, the next step is to learn to optimize your chances of winning. As usual, there are innumerable theories and strategies designed to give the player an advantage over banking, but as expected, none of them really gives any advantage over the dealer other than those considered illegal by casinos. We obviously refer to counting cards, something that is prohibited in all casinos but that cannot be applied to online blackjack, which is why we will not discuss this aspect in our analysis of blackjack strategy and focus on the basic strategy ..

What is the basic blackjack strategy?

It’s very simple: the basic strategy of blackjack is the best way to play blackjack. This strategy was developed using statistical probabilities to calculate the best possible decisions in each circumstance based on your cards and that of the dealer. The objective of the basic blackjack strategy is obviously to win as many times as possible, but also to maximize the profits (doubling) , reduce the chances of going over 21 and in some cases, minimize our losses by withdrawing and choosing not to double.

We are not going to cheat you, play the casino game that is, the house will always have some advantage over you. However, the use of the basic strategy significantly reduces this advantage. This blackjack strategy does not take into account cards that other players may have received at the table, which is an important part of the prohibited card counting system. In online blackjack, each round is played with a new deck of cards, usually made up of six decks, so counting cards is of no use. This means that you usually play with a deck of 312 cards, which means 24 cards of each number and makes counting cards virtually useless.

We will not explain the changes and modifications that have led to this strategy to be what it is. The process was long, it required a lot of research on the gameand it is irrelevant in the face of the different decisions that we will make throughout the game. If you are new to blackjack, we recommend that you have this guide at hand when you play blackjack online. Little by little you will see how the more you play, the less you will need to look at the guide to make the best possible decision in each situation. Over time you will be able to play according to the basic blackjack strategy without even looking at the table, which will be very important if at some point you want to play in a real casino, since usually no casino will allow you to use these tables, and even less in an electronic device.

If you take a look at our guide to the basic strategy of blackjack you will find general patterns on when to ask for a card or plant. For example, always ask for a card (or even double) when your hand is less than 11, since it is impossible for you to go over, or plant yourself whenever you are 17 or older unless you have a soft hand. The best way to learn the basic memory strategy is not to memorize all possible hands, but to know well where the big changes are. For example, when the dealer has a 7, the strategy for most hands will be radically different from what would occur with a 6 or less.

The risk

If a player follows the basic blackjack strategy closely, the theoretical return is at 99.63%. This figure is tremendously high, taking into account the margins that casinos normally take in each game. For this reason it is important that even if you are in a bad run, you stay true to the basic strategy of blackjack. Following this strategy is a long-term insurance regarding making decisions based on our instinct. We also want to emphasize that it is a mistake to think that the basic strategy has to be used only in the first card deal. It is best to follow this strategy during each and every one of our decisions.

Blackjack Strategy Table

Obviously, the structure of the basic strategy depends on the rules with which it is played. In general, the most popular variations of blackjack do not make a big difference in terms of the basic strategy, so you can be sure that the strategy presented here is sufficiently effective to cover a good number of variants, such as doubling After separating the cards or having the dealer ask for a card with a soft 17.

This guide focuses on the most common blackjack rules (explained here ) found in the vast majority of online casinos, although we will also discuss the influence that various changes in the rules can have on this strategy. Among the most relevant rule changes is the possibility of retiring and if the dealer has to ask for a card with a hard or soft 17.

The basic strategy table indicates the best decisions a player can make without counting the cards. It is true that the cards that make up a hand can influence the probabilities of the right decision in certain situations, but this is only relevant in some situations when playing with a single deck. This type of strategy is known as the strategy dependent on the composition, unlike the strategy dependent on the total, which does not deviate from the basic strategy based on the cards that appear in each hand.

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