Strategy to play a Texas Holdem Poker Tournament

Strategy to play a Texas Holdem Poker Tournament

The overall strategy when playing a poker tournament is very different from that carried at a cash table. If, as we said in a poker tournament, a global strategy is developed that allows you to arrive in the best conditions at the final table, to later win the tournament, at a cash table each moment is different and in each hand a different story is written .

In a poker tournament, the most important point is to understand the development of the phases of the tournament . It is about understanding the tournament globally, of making a path with an eye on a destination. You also have to do a little planning to know when you can make your stops and when not, although you are always open to improvisation and spontaneity of each situation. And every move you make you will always be doing knowing perfectly where you are on the road, according to the people who accompany you and according to the distance that separates you from the goal, the final table and the victory.

Make overall vision

All this part of the overall vision and planning of the tournament must obviously be linked to the main part of the game itself. Obviously we are seeing here how to mentally organize a poker tournament, but obviously the game and the strategy to follow at each moment depend on each player and the technique of each player.

In the way of playing in a poker tournament we can also find common and general points. For example, it will be much easier to see an “all-in” bet go up to its fullest, without necessarily having been resubmitted, to a player in a tournament than at a cash table. This will be seen more easily in a short player of “short-stack” chips or at an advanced stage of the tournament in which the blinds are already of significant importance.

Extended hands

In cash, they usually extend their hands more, since they usually fight little by little in each betting round. In addition, in cash, each player will play many more hands than in a tournament, among other things because of the aforementioned preflop aggressiveness of the tournaments that does not even see the flop in most of the hands, especially when it is more advanced. the tournament, and closer are the possibility of being among the prize positions.

That is why we can conclude that apart from evidently being a good texas holdem poker player, to succeed in the tournament mode you must put into practice a great patience and a global planning vision that will allow you to reach the final table . In this way as we said, the more advanced the tournament is, the harder it will be to remain calm, since the blinds will be very high and the hands you can play will be much smaller. At this time you must choose a much smaller range of hands and be extremely aggressive.

As far as patience is concerned, one of the key points will be to know how to adapt quickly to your stack at every moment of the game, whether it is up or down. This means mostly that you should not try to recover a previous stack that you have seen simply reduced by this fact, since this behavior is the “tilt” typical of tournaments and your rivals will know how to take advantage of it. To know how to position yourself and adapt to your stack and your situation at all times, regularly observe how many players are left and what is the average stack. These two elements are simple information, they are important, but they should not influence you negatively. That is to say that because you see that you are below average, you should not worry too much and jump for more nonsense chips.

In poker tournaments patience is so important because your time always comes , sometimes in critical moments, but the difficult thing is knowing how to wait for that moment. It is also difficult to know how to make the most of that moment, but there are already more technical factors than purely strategic ones. We are talking about a particular moment as if we were only going to play a hand throughout the tournament, but it is that in most tournaments, even if they are 6h or 8h long, there are usually one or two major turning points. It is to these inflection points that I call “your moment.”

That is why we can conclude that in order to succeed in the world of multi-table poker tournaments apart from everything previously said, it is worth noting how to wait for your moment. It is more or less the same as the cheetah that is starving and stalks crouching watching lots of succulent food pass, but reserves its strength for a particular moment in which it makes the most of its catch prey. That is the moment, it is “your moment.”

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